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More than half a century of precision, quality and commitment…

Process Gear, a subsidiary of CF Gear Holdings LLC, has been in the manufacturing business for over 60 years and is now growing from strength to strength. We have been an ISO/TS 16949 certified company since 2004.

Since early 2005, there has been a sea change in the ethos at Process Gear. We are now a company focused on investing in significant growth while still providing the high quality and precision that has become synonymous with our name.

Our mission statement may sound simple on the surface, but its implications are reaching – from the industry we focus on to the way we make decisions on a daily basis.

At Process Gear we specialise in precision manufactured products for use in heavy industry and speciality areas. We provide custom manufacturing services to OEM’s – most of which are Fortune 500 companies, and a majority of whom have been with us for most of our existence. Recently, we have been strengthening and growing those latent relationships as well as bringing on new customers.

We are in the process of refreshing our shop floor by investing in state of the art equipment and technology, but also through continuous improvement projects with a focus on quality and consistency.
As a management team, we are focused on growth as well as continually improving our ability to produce high quality product. We have the full support of our holding company, CF Gear the primary driver behind our recent growth, as we work towards realising our full potential. Our affiliation with CF Gear also enables us to leverage their global network and alliances to source partially processed parts at extremely competitive prices whenever possible.

At Process Gear, we are committed to delivering what our customers need.

Process Gear strives for excellence in manufacturing of high precision gears and shafts for heavy industry and specialty transmissions through globally competitive manufacturing processes.

Process Gear has been in business for over 60 years and is centrally located in Schiller Park, Illinois on the outskirts of Chicago. We have a 42,000 sq ft facility with approximately 50 employees (administrative and shop floor).

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